August 25, 2023

Reasons To Paint Your Commercial Building

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First impressions matter. Commercial buildings go through a lot of wear and tear, and it’s important to invest in upkeep of your commercial building because the state of your commercial building is a direct reflection of your company morale. A faded, dingy interior or exterior can be not only unsightly and discouraging to potential customers or clients, but also lower the morale of those who work inside it, and become an overall drag on your business. Although you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, think of your commercial building as the box for the product or service you want to sell- if it looks beat-up and uncared for, businesspeople and customers alike will see it as a reflection of how much you care about your business. 

Luckily, it’s not too difficult to rejuvenate your commercial building- sometimes all it takes is a new coat of paint to breathe new life into an old building. Read on to learn more about why it may be time to repaint your commercial property. If you’re looking for a commercial painter, Shoreline Design Contractor Services in Hollywood, FL offers comprehensive commercial painting and contracting services from West Palm Beach to Miami.

Why You Should Repaint Your Commercial Property

  • It can enhance your property’s value: If you’re going to sell or rent out your commercial property, a nicely painted interior or exterior will make the building more appealing to buyers. Stand out from other buildings on the block with a fresh coat of paint and increase curb appeal when you stay up-to-date on upkeep.
  • An opportunity to make restorations: Since the walls have to be cleaned and prepared before they’re repainted, take advantage of the time to evaluate the condition of your building and make any necessary repairs, restorations, or upgrades, such as moving ahead with waterproofing.
  • Rebrand into your next era: If your business and brand has evolved, then it’s time for your building to catch up. Let everyone know that your business and brand has grown and changed through transforming the look of where you do business.
  • Improve your first impression: Add that extra wow factor to your property with a fresh coat of paint. One of the first things people notice is how the interior and exterior of a building looks, and maintaining a well-kept appearance will prompt people to go in and hang out. 
  • Improve morale: Your employees also feel the impact of a new paint job, as they are the ones who have to be around the building all day. Having a clean, fresh, neatly maintained office or workspace will boost productivity because it will make your employees feel better about where they work. 
  • Safety: Maintaining your exterior paint isn’t just a cosmetic issue; paint functions as a protective barrier against harsh external elements such as the weather, insects, and water. A quality paint job (and maybe some additional waterproofing) will keep moisture at bay and prevent mildew and mold from forming inside. 

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Most commercial buildings should be repainted every seven to ten years or so. How often you decide to repaint the interior of your building varies largely depending on its main usage. For example, an industrial building like a warehouse will probably receive more wear and tear than an office, and will likely have to be repainted more often. If you’re looking for a commercial painter in the South Florida area, call Shoreline Design Contractor Services in Hollywood, FL today.