Best Contractor Service Company in Florida

Shoreline Design Contractor Services is the best contracting company in Hollywood, FL, offering full-scale concrete restoration, painting, waterproofing, and apartment maintenance services for commercial and residential buildings. Our firm’s dedication to quality work and innovative methods has built a trusted reputation over the years as a reliable contractor committed to excellence. We’re all about bringing innovation to the forefront and ensuring client satisfaction every step of the way.

Concrete Restoration Contractors

Concrete Restoration Contractors

Repairing cracks in your concrete and stucco structure serves a dual purpose – enhancing safety for your family and employees while restoring the visual appeal. When you work with us for your concrete restoration job, we can make your structures look as good as new without the added expense of having to do new construction. We will fix the minor cracks that eventually snowball into significant structural problems while cost-efficiently improving the overall look of your building.

Sometimes people neglect the minor cracks until they become a problem that costs them a fortune. We advise you to take proactive steps with budget-friendly concrete restoration from Shoreline Design Contractor Services.

The Best Miami Painting Contractor

We offer comprehensive interior and exterior painting and refinishing services for your commercial or residential building. Our skilled team and innovative techniques will save you money and time for residential and commercial painting contractor needs. We guarantee quality work on projects such as:

  • Exterior and interior painting
  • Commercial painting
  • Drywall Finish
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Epoxy finishes
Painting Contractor

Best Contractors For Waterproofing

Proper waterproofing is necessary for any commercial or residential structure. Still, it’s imperative in Florida, where tropical storms whip rain around, and UV rays lead to further damage. As the best contractor service company, we are competent to provide service for the following areas when it comes to waterproofing services for commercial and residential buildings:

  • Balconies
  • Expansion joints
  • Industrial floors
  • Planters
  • Parking Garage

Apartment Maintenance

As a full-scale contracting company, Shoreline Design Contractor Services provides all the contracting services you need to flip an apartment rental and maintain the indoor and outdoor area. We can handle small and large-scale apartment maintenance projects and will ensure you get the best quality work and materials at a minimal cost.

Landlords must maintain their properties well to ensure tenant safety and legal compliance. We will help you take care of any repairs, such as uneven floorboards or broken staircases, that may result in injury, keep the building up to code, and do overall maintenance to keep your property in tip-top shape so your revenue stream continues uninterrupted. Whether it’s a complete remodel or ongoing maintenance, we always deliver timely and reliable solutions for your rental property.

From protective coatings, wet seals, and glazing to sealing, restoration, and caulking, we will protect your building from Florida’s tropical climate. Truly, Florida’s weather is extremely rough on buildings and can affect them in so many ways. So, professional waterproofing and coating against harmful moisture build-up, water leakage, corrosion, and UV rays are essential for the longevity and safety of your building. Our skilled team will evaluate your building, determine the best waterproofing processes, and ensure everything is finished efficiently and to your satisfaction.

In our commitment to excellence, we’re proud to showcase our endorsements from industry leaders:

Sika Letter of Endorsement: Recognized for our dedication to quality work and innovation, Sika endorses our contracting services.

Sherwin-Williams Letter of Endorsement: Our partnership with Sherwin-Williams highlights our expertise in painting and refinishing, backed by their esteemed endorsement.

Benjamin Moore Reference Letter: Benjamin Moore’s reference letter underscores our commitment to transforming spaces with top-tier painting services.

Trust these endorsements and witness our dedication to quality, integrity, and client satisfaction.

If you’re looking for quality, comprehensive contracting services for your residential or commercial building, call Shoreline Design Contractor Services for a consultation today.